October 9, 2022Scribbble

We've just launched Scribbble Beta!

I thought it was only fitting that I also mention it here. Unfortunately I cannot include a screenshot yet without uploading it to imgur at first (local image uploading work in progress). -- did we say this is Beta?!

What it took to ship Scribbble

Having shared my vision on Twitter, I could not stop thinking about the app. Alex (my co-founder on SaaS Blocks) had his own blogging needs and ended up listening to my vision.

Lucky for me, Alex decided to go ahead and build it as a break from SaaS Blocks and got most of the bones built out in a few days (I think). By the time I messaged him saying it may take too long, he had most of it done! Quite incredible for someone who has never built a Mac OS app.

Over the course of about 9 days, we collaborated to polish some of the UX, identify bugs, new feature ideas and other fun stuff.

The Scribbble Figma file was and still is the central point of our collaboration. I handle most of the design stuff and Alex - development.

I have to give Alex a lot of credit for putting up with my highly opinionated takes on just about everything. I haven't been the easiest person to work with but he seems to always keep his cool. I guess I'm just protective of what I had envisioned for myself in the first place, but also realize that this is not a product only for me. There will be others (I hope) who will use it and come up with their own requests.

Right now the goal is to finish up a few issues in GitHub (we use GH for issue tracking on a project level). Then we'll probably try to figure out which direction to take next. I have a ton of ideas in GH, and new ones are constantly surfacing. That begs the question - when will I have time to resume work on SaaS blocks?

I think to give this a fair shot, I should dedicate at least a few weeks to see what happens and where things go.

Personally, I don't think we'll know until we figure out who actually uses the app. In my mind it'll be the average person looking to publish their thoughts and they may not necessarily be on Twitter. It may take some time before we start seeing potential product-market fit - or at least get a sense of the right direction.

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