October 13, 2022

Stop consuming, start building

I'm willing to bet 90% of indie hackers make this mistake, and end up paying with years of their life.

Back when I was in my early 20's, I would spend days consuming content. I thought I needed to know more to make something worthy.

I'd sit in front of my computer for days, consuming content in spare time.

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You know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been here before.

Most of us have been stuck in the consumption trap before. The thing is, consumption makes it feel as though you are making progress.

That article you read? Going to come in handy some day.

That social media tip is going to be great when you open a company account.

The copywriting tip is going to rain money on your front lawn!

Except, none of those things are true.

Only the act of doing and trying can actually teach you anything of value. Consumption without action is an insidious activity that shaves years off your life.

If time machines existed, I'd send myself this message:

You're going to waste 8 years if you don't act now. Stop consuming right now and start building.
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