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My morning routine

Just read an interesting post by Kishly describing her morning routine and the ability to share it however one wishes.

My morning routine is far from inspiring or empowering, it's more of a slog.

As a parent of two, I wake up around 6:30 (my wife gets up around 5:30 to do her things).

I'm greeted by my youngest (2) usually snacking on some fruits. My older boy (5) wakes up at the same time as me and we make our way to the kitchen area.

Sometimes I have to convince him to go to the bathroom because he won't listen. He tends to delay everything until the last moment and will run in like a bullet train when he really has to do his business.

On great days I don't have to ask him to go #1 and can start doing my thing.


I make breakfast for everyone.

The kids are super picky and will only eat a handful of things:

  • Pancakes
  • Crepes
  • Fried rice
  • Toast
  • Miso soup (older, younger hates it)
  • Apples, Bananas (we go through 5 bunches of bananas in 3 days).

We've tried feeding them all sorts of things but they refuse.

In fact, refusal of eating what's available is one of our toughest challenges as parents. It wears you down.

Considering all goes well, I prepare one of their chosen meals. My older kid likes to help cook. Before, the process would be fast, but now it's significantly slower. Of course, I want him to participate! I try to accommodate him in any way I can, but at times it gets really frustrating when we are running late and he insists on flipping the pancakes.

Whatever, I let him flip them.

Once the kids are done, I make breakfast for the grownups. This can be a number of different things, too many to list (and too boring).

At this point we are scrambling to get our oldest ready for kindergarten. Once out the door, my younger boy chases him, trying to go with him. We don't let him, because he doesn't follow directions, in fact, just goes some opposite direction.

Crying ensues.

Crying is a typical ocurrence in our house, probably 40 times a day at minimum.

Once he settles, he watches a bit of his favorite cartoon and I check my morning stuff - Email, Twitter, Slack. I respond where I can.

At this point the wife is back and my youngest is off the TV - just walking around doing whatever.

Sometimes I don't get to eating until now.

I boil water and hand drip it.

Enjoy a cup.

My youngest then goes outside. We walk around 20 to 40 minutes in the joint property. Our property is connected to our in-laws. The kids' great grandma lives on the same property and likes to maintain her garden. We usually greet her and walk around the property - feed the fish, kick the ball.

Then he goes to his grandma.

Yep, from great grandma to grandma.

This is when I am finally free. I rush to my desktop to work. At this point I have so many ideas and things on my mind that I can't get them out fast enough. I have to determine what I can accomplish that day that will actually move the needle.

This is my routine. It's not all that fun or inspiring - just typical family stuff. It gets the job done. The days where nobody cries are a blessing and I count my lucky stars.

Inspiration, empowerment, productivity - that's all for the younger kids. Not blaming, not even jealous, to each his own.

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