October 9, 2022Personal

My earliest memory

Have you ever thought about your earliest memory? What was it?

My earliest memory is that of my mom taking a photo of me when I was 5 months old. I was standing in my crib, curious to see what she was doing as she put on a stereotypical Russian head scarf on my head.

I remember distinctly that I didn't like it. I tried to wave it away. Then, she did something to make me laugh and snapped a photo quickly.

I still have that photo - in black and white. Back then in Soviet Union we did not have color cameras - at least not our family - we were poor.

There are even earlier memories, but they are so hazy that I could be mistaking them for dreams.

One such moment that most people will probably dismiss as bs. is being inside the womb.

I recall moving around and feeling light though my eyelids. It wasn't visible light, but something bright and intense enough that you could just feel it through your eyelids. Logic tells me this is not a real memory, but some part of me feels it might be. I still recall it to this day - how can a dream stay with a person for this long? Thinking about my dreams, there are few that I remember as realistically as that moment.

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