October 21, 2022

Moved from Revue to Substack

Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger on moving from Revue to Substack. Here is why...

Prior to using Revue, I was using ConvertKit. CK was great, but it was always too painful to insert images and tweets. Revue made this easier.

Revue also offered an integration with Twitter - were I spend a lot of time anyway. I thought if people saw my newsletter - they'd join.

Prior to moving, my open rate was around 60%. This is considered fairly high for most newsletters. People enjoyed my content.

After I moved to Revue, I noticed my open rate dropped immediately. This was before the tracker block update from Apple. My open rate went from 60% to 40% the next day.

Upon investigating, I realized that my emails were being seen as social updates (Twitter acquired Revue) and were going to other tabs. Sometimes they'd go directly to spam. No bueno!

Still, I stuck around hoping things would improve.

The opposite happened.

After Apple's update, the open rate kept dropping. Some of this wasn't real just because of the update, but I suspected the emails were still going to spam and social tabs in Gmail.

Sure enough, people reported to me that they were not seeing my emails, and some found them in spam.

Fed up, I finally moved over to Substack - hoping for an improvement.

While there, I spent some time goofing around and writing an about page, and a welcome email. You'll have to join the newsletter if you want to see the welcome email.

Should I have done this earlier?

Probably. Yes. Definitely.

Oh well, better late than never!

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