November 10, 2022Fun

I launched a Twitter course, really.

How it started...

4 hours later I wrote a 16 page PDF outlining 99 ways to screw up on Twitter.

It was meant to be a joke and I only got to about 30 items when I responded to Sveta with a screenshot of the things I was writing. But when she said "You ship faster than Elon", I thought... what the heck, I'll finish this.

4 hours later, 2 am my time I'm scheduling a Product Hunt launch.

For the website I used a free carrd.co page with an ugly template.

Later I customized the site a bit and updated the background and fonts.

Earlier today I also designed the cover page for the PDF document and styled the fonts a bit.

And there you have it... a Twitter joke turned into a course and how I became a bona fide Twitter guru - all within 4 hours.

So far there've been 3 sales, even though I told people not to buy it (as a joke). I actually don't care if it sells at all. It's just a joke I took too far for the sake of the joke.

That said, the advice in the course is actually good if you take the opposite of recommended actions / behavior.

When life throws you a challenge, ship a solution. 💪

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