November 7, 2022Freelancing

How to work with Gene

I'm writing this post because I get this question all the time - "So, how does this work?" I figured I can write it once and share it every time. Thanks for your patience in reading this 🙏. I'm dividing this into 4 sections:

  1. Services I provide
  2. Services I do not provide
  3. What to expect
  4. The process

Services I provide

  • App design (web, iOS, android)
  • Website design
  • Landing page design
  • Conversion rate optimization audits
  • Webflow development (depending on the project scope and if I am available)

Services I do not provide

  • Hourly consulting
  • Development work of any kind (other than Webflow, on a case by case basis)
  • Illustration
  • Graphic design (aside from web design if it involves graphics)
  • Icon design (I usually use commercially available icon sets like Untitled UI icon set)

What to expect

Phone calls - I should state upfront that I don't take any phone calls - not even an initial meeting. All communication is handled in Slack or via recorded Loom videos. I do this for a few reasons but mostly to stay async. If you're ok with this, we'll do fine throughout the project.

Atmosphere: mutual respect, autonomy, casual, relaxed, friendly, partnership not employment.

Communication: 100% async (no set time, share when you can, respond when convenient to both parties). We can chat in Slack (Discord if you prefer). For anything more complex than a chat, record videos, share files, comment on those things. I typically share the files all ask people to comment in them, or to record their thoughts.

Responsiveness - on both sides. You will always hear from me (usually the same or next day), and I expect to hear from you if there's a need for some clarification on something.

Getting the project to the finish line - both parties should expect to get the project finished within a reasonable timeline. I've had situations where the other person delayed the project for too long after starting, which only sours the relationship. You should be serious about getting your project finished and I will make sure it gets done reasonably quickly.

NDAs - I don't have a problem signing an NDA once the project is slated to start, in fact, a lot of my work is under NDAs. But, I will not sign one before the brief.

The process

1. You reach out via email or DM, and let me know what you'd like help with. I let you know if I have availability.

2. If available, I ask for a short brief. This is usually a Google Document or similar that outlines everything you're looking to do. It doesn't need to be super detailed but I do need a good idea of the scope involved.

3. Include your budget in the brief. I don't need an exact number, but a rough ballpark (eg. under 5k, 5-10k, 10k+). This is done strictly to align us without wasting anyone's time.

4. After I get the brief, I'll review it and let you know if I have any questions. I'll also confirm if the budget works and may give you some ideas as to the actual cost. For one-off items like a landing page, it'll be a flat fee. For ongoing work or longer projects we can talk about a retainer.

5. If we decide to go forward, I usually send an initial invoice for 1/2 or 1/3 of the project fee depending on the scale. For on-going retainers I will also ask for the first payment period to be paid upfront (this tells me you are serious and ready for things to proceed). If for some reason the project does not go forward, I can refund this. But, once we start work, the fee is non-refundable.

6. If necessary, I'll do additional research, further questions. At this point you can invite me to your communications channels (usually a team Slack). I get started as soon as I have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

7. We'll work async - check in when there is something to check-in about or when convenient. I value outcome over "keeping busy" and hope you do as well. I'll usually share early on, a rough design or sets of ideas to see if we are going in the right direction.

8. We may go back and forth a few times until everything is exactly how you like it. I don't charge extra for revisions - the outcome is much more important to me. Of course, please keep requests within a reasonable timeline (ie. not disappear for 3 weeks then come back asking for new work under the same scope). Once deemed finish by both parties, the scope ends there. Any further work will start a new project with a new scope.

My goal is for you to be happy with the outcome, without sacrificing my own values and standards. I am always open to feedback and push-back but may also push back on behalf of the user.

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