October 10, 2022Marketing

How to become the top 1% YouTuber - advice from Mr. Beast

I'm not a YouTuber, and don't plan on becoming one any time soon, but I was listening to an interview with Mr. Beast and found his advice to be very interesting.

Here is what Mr. Beast recommends you do to become the top 1% YouTuber:

  1. Easier to get a lot of views on one good video than fewer views on a bunch of mediocre ones
  2. You can upload 1 great video a year, and get more views than 100 mediocre ones
  3. Youtube growth / views are exponential (because algorithm prioritizes high quality videos which get a disproportionate amount of views vs. % of effort that was put into it).
  4. 10% better video = 4x the views
  5. Laser focus on one thing leads to success
  6. Hyper-obsess over the videos, put in triple the amount that you think you need for 10x the views
  7. Get an editor who can dedicate 100% of their time to making your videos better
  8. Use Veed.io and Screen.studio!
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