November 15, 2022Scribbble

Behind the scenes at Scribbble

I've been quite busy recently, working on Scribbble marketing.

In the last few days:

For the 3rd post I had to try a few different platforms and revisit some I have already used in the past. I took screenshots of every platform to include in the write-up.

I also finished redesigning and developing (in Webflow) a new home page for Scribbble. It's a simple design with only a handful sections but hopefully it can be expanded at a later time as we add features.

You'll have to refresh the home page a few times in the next couple of days to see if it's live, I don't want to spoil the reveal.

Speaking of home pages... I wanted to record a product demo video. In my mind, it looks really good and professional. But, I am not a professional video editor so my version doesn't look as nice.

I wish I could embed the video here, but we don't have an embed HTML or a video block :( Alex, if you are reading this... I'll leave it at that 😉 (as if we don't have a million other things in mind).

How I made the video:

  1. Set my background as a mesh gradient background (found via Unsplash)
  2. Opened up Quicktime Player and used the function from the Menu to record a new screen capture.
  3. I recorded myself using the app in the most basic way.
  4. Imported the video into veed.io
  5. Imported additional mockups of the templates shown in the video
  6. Spent at least 3 hours editing everything (all for a 1 minute video!) I know... crazy.
  7. Initially, I used a song called "You sexy thing" by Hot Chocolate, but it was flagged for copyright violation by YouTube so I swapped it for another beat from Veed.io. The original was way better in my opinion, but sadly I could not use it.

Overall I feel good about the site even though it's a super simple one-pager. We're going to use Scribbble itself as our blogging platform and I will publish directly from my Mac (how cool is that?!)

Of course, for multiple users it may get tricky, I am not sure how we're going to approach that yet.

We also discussed the company blog theme (going with another one I designed that had good feedback on Twitter).

So far I have about 6 or 7 theme starter designs which need additional work to become fully designed themes.

Once the new site is up I plan on doing a bit of an announcement on Twitter.

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