November 27, 2022Scribbble

An update on Scribbble

I've been somewhat quiet recently. Here is an update about what is happening behind the scenes!

Alex has been working hard on a new feature which I will not disclose yet, but it's super exciting! Unfortunately we ran into some tech limitations. This took an extra two weeks to tackle. Even then, Alex had a hard time overcoming the challenge.

It all stems from the editor we chose to use for Scribbble - called Lexical. This editor made it difficult to make the next function work as envisioned.

Alex was able to find some workarounds that still produce the desired result. UX suffered a little bit, but still works great. Nonetheless, I am super excited about the announcement coming tomorrow!

Github backlog

We have a huge backlog of things we want to do - all sorted in Github. Well, I should make it clear that it is my wishes for the app as I am the very first user.

We're also considering user feedback for things like sharing buttons, toggling of elements.

I asked Alex how he felt about Scribbble. He said the technical challenge behind our anticipated feature wore him down. But, he's happy to change gears for a while and work on other things.


Oh, we also have a feature request board now where you can request things and report bugs.

Current Marketing Plan

For now, I am still unsure of who the ideal customer is and since we only have a handful of those. I'll be keeping our messaging open to see who it appeals to. I'll tweet updates to get eyeballs on the product, while seeding our SEO strategy. SEO will take a while to do, but I am aiming for less competitive keywords, outlined in this Twitter thread.

If you are reading this and have some other ideas, I'd love to hear from you! @cogentgene on Twitter.

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